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Blind Mystic Baba Vanga 40 years ago predicted Putin to be ‘Lord of the World’

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Putin would become ‘Lord of the World,’ according to a blind mystic Baba Vanga who predicted the Russian war in Ukraine. Baba Vanga predicted many natural disasters and conflicts before they occurred.


Baba Vanga died in the mid-1990s at the age of 85, but the Eastern European foretold what was to come and became known as the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans.’

Moreover, it’s now being claimed that she predicted Vladimir Putin and Russia would rule the world. 

In a meeting with writer Valentin Sidorov, Vanga in 1979, she said: “All will thaw, as if ice, only one remains untouched – Vladimir’s glory, the glory of Russia.”

“Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia.

“All will be removed by her from the way and not only will be kept but also becomes the lord of the world. ”

Russia will be the world’s only superpower, according to the clairvoyant. Baba Vanga also made a terrifying prediction about the use of nuclear weapons and the outbreak of World War 3.

Baba Vanga – born Vangelia Gushterova – was blinded as a child after being picked up by a freak tornado. She believed she had the ability to predict the future. In her 50-year career, she is said to have made hundreds of predictions.

She rose to prominence after correctly predicting the Kursk’s sinking in 2000. Her millions of fans believe she possessed supernatural abilities such as telepathy and the ability to communicate with aliens.

Her infamous predictions about world events and the state of humanity, including claims that she predicted the rise of ISIS and the fall of the Twin Towers, have become legendary.

Specialists have since calculated that 68 per cent of her prophecies came true, which is slightly less than her followers’ claim of 85 per cent.

Some of Baba Vanga’s predictions in the past-

The Kursk nuclear submarine disaster– In 1980, a blind prophetess predicted that “Kursk will be covered with water and the entire world will weep over it” in August of 1999. On August 12, 2000, the Russian submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea, killing all aboard. 


9/11- In 1989 Baba Vanga said: “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing,”. However, on September 11, 2001, planes hijacked by Islamic extremists hit the World Trade Center in New York, killing thousands of people.


Europe will become extinct- According to Baba Vanga, the continent will vanish by 2016, leaving only empty spaces and wasteland nearly devoid of life. Clearly incorrect, but the United Kingdom did vote to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016, causing widespread chaos.

World War III- Baba’s predictions have been resurrected after another mystic claims to know the exact date World War 3 will begin, claiming to have foretold Donald Trump’s election. Horacio Villegas, a self-described “messenger of God,” believes the nuclear war will erupt on the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s visitation. 

The clairvoyant claims to have predicted Trump’s victory in the US presidential election as early as 2015. According to reports, she predicted that the billionaire businessman would become the “Illuminati king” who would “bring the world into World War III.”

War In Ukraine- Some Latest Updates

– The next round of talks between Ukraine and Russia

Ukrainian negotiator David Arakhamia announced on social media on Sunday that the next round of face-to-face talks between Ukraine and Russia will take place in Turkey on March 28-30. Previous talks with Russia, which began after Russia launched an invasion last month, were described as “very difficult” by Ukraine.

– Macron warns against ‘escalation’-

Following US President Joe Biden’s characterization of Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “butcher,” French President Emmanuel Macron has warned against verbal “escalation” with Moscow. Macron describes his mission as “achieving first a ceasefire and then the total withdrawal of (Russian) troops by diplomatic means”. “If we want to do that, we can’t escalate either in words or actions,” he tells broadcaster France 3.

– Over 3.8 million refugees-

UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, reports that 3,821,049 Ukrainians have fled the country, up 48,450 from the previous day’s figure. Approximately 90% of them are women and children. According to the UN, another 6.5 million people have been displaced in Ukraine.


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