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Latest updates on 8 Northeastern States of India dated November 12, 2021

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Read to know the latest news updates on all the states of Northeast India.

MIZORAM: Dampa Tiger Reserve staff demand wages by November 20 after going unpaid for 6 months

The Dampa Tiger Reserve in Mizoram’s Tiger Protection Force (TPF) has issued a press release regarding non-payment of wages for the past six months.

According to the press release, this serious problem has made it nearly impossible for the 152 employees to continue working.

update on tiger reserve

The press release also stated that a tiger that had not been seen in a long time had been spotted by a video trap in the Tiger Reserve in February of this year. The TPF expected to get their unpaid salary after the historic feat.

TPF employees have also stated that they will not return to work until the demand is resolved before November 20.

ARUNACHAL PRADESH: Arunachal to celebrate Golden Jubilee marking its 50th anniversary

The golden jubilee of Arunachal Pradesh, which marks the 50th anniversary of the state’s name, will be commemorated with a month-long celebration across the state and begin on January 20, 2022.

Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona announced the celebration dates in his conference hall at the legislative assembly on Wednesday, saying that a celebration committee, chaired by himself, had been formed and that the month-long celebration would begin on January 20, 2022, in Lower Subansiri HQ Ziro, as it was in Ziro that Arunachal Pradesh received its name and union territory status in 1972.

On February 20, 2022, on the occasion of Statehood Day, a concluding ceremony will take place in Itanagar. 

To highlight the state’s rich tradition and culture, the celebration will include cultural and literary events, as well as indigenous games and sports. 

A campaign against substance abuse will also be carried out by the committee. 

The funds from the celebration will be donated to a recognised non-profit organisation that promotes social engagement.

ASSAM: Media reports claimed ‘Female Employees can’t wear Mekhela Chador at LGBI Airport’; Guwahati International Airport slams rumours 

Multiple media reports had earlier claimed that the Adani group issued a contract to a company that altered the female employees’ dress code of the renowned Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (LGBIA). 

According to various false reports, the new dress code prohibited the donning of traditional outfits, like Mekhela Chador and promoted western attires like skirts and suits. This would have hampered culture and tradition. 

The Adani group had taken over the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International (LGBI) Airport recently and earlier this year. A false news spread that the group issued a contract to the ‘PRANAM’ company, which set new dress code regulations for the Airport’s female employees. 

The false code rules required employees to “wear western dresses like skirts and suits”. Few media reports also involved the rule to “not wear the traditional dress of Assam, Mekhela Chador ”. Further, employees “cannot wear bangles, mangalsutras and cannot wear sindoor while on duty at LGBI Airport ”. 

updates Guwahati Airport

The Guwahati International Airport (GIA), more popularly known as the LGBI Airport apparently witnessed the rumours. Its authority took to their official Twitter handle to confirm that no female employee of the ‘Pranaam’ service at the International Airport was asked to avoid traditional clothing and ornaments. Their Twitter post slammed all claims and stated that they were “baseless and untrue”. 

The tweet emerging from the official Guwahati International Airport (GIA) bird-app account read, “We would like to draw your attention to this fact that the allegation levelled by a private TV channel, against the female team members of Pranaam, is baseless and untrue. #GuwahatiAirport greatly admires the culture and traditions of Assam and the Northeast.”

Manipur Government to review order on reopening of schools, colleges: Reports

The Manipur Government said it is likely to review the order issued on Tuesday to reopen the schools and colleges from Wednesday since the authorities could not implement it. 

As reported by The Hindu, the recent updates say that there are disturbing reports that students in some hostels in Churachandpur district have tested COVID-19 positive. 

Reports say some hostels and private schools in the hill district were reopened without the approval from the Government.

update on manipur reopening schools

The district authority has been instructed to take appropriate action against these schools. 

Additionally, the official reports say at least 17 students in a private hostel have tested positive for COVID-19. 

After a high-level meeting on Tuesday, Chief Minister N. Biren told presspersons that the schools will be reopened for students of class nine and above in a week. 

The Education Department issued an order saying they would be reopened from Wednesday.

MEGHALAYA: CM Conrad Sangma inaugurates brand new District

Conrad K. Sangma, the state’s Chief Minister, inaugurated the new district ‘Eastern West Khasi Hills’, as scheduled, on Wednesday, November 10. 

The freshly inaugurated district was divided or bifurcated from its parent district of West Khasi Hills. It shall be an add-on to the 11 pre-existing districts of the state and shall stand as Meghalaya’s 12th district. 

Comprising Mairang and Mawthadraishan C&RD blocks, the Eastern West Khasi Hills District will have its headquarters at Mairang. 

The inauguration programme was held at the district’s headquarters. It was attended by eminent persons including Meghalaya Legislative Assembly speaker Metbah Lyngdoh, who said that it was a historic day for the people of the region; cabinet ministers and MLAs. 

Post-inauguration, CM Sangma claimed that the new district shall bring the administration closer to the people. 

It had been a long-standing desire and aspiration of the general public, and the government, says the CM, had to consider it after screening different parameters. 

He said, “The new district was created not because it is in the Khasi Hills, Jaiñtia Hills or Garo Hills, but purely on the basis of certain parameters, which had put the region at the bottom of the development activities’ list. We wanted to bring the administration closer to people”. 

In the ceremony, the CM also brought clarity upon the nomenclature of the new district, saying that several consultations were made and opinions were sought from many people and then only was the district named as ‘Eastern West Khasi Hills’.

NAGALAND: ‘Stop land encroachment’, says Nagaland adviser urges people Zhaleo Rio

On Thursday, state adviser to sericulture, excise and minority affairs departments Zhaleo Rio expressed his dissatisfaction while inaugurating an indoor badminton stadium-cum-1st Winter Badminton Tournament in Medziphema town on Thursday.  

As reported by NENOW, he stated that, due to the degree of land encroachment not only in Medziphema but everywhere in Nagaland, Rio appealed to every individual to abstain from stealing government’s land and protect public property for holistic development in future. 

Additionally, the updates on the report stated, he asked Medziphema additional deputy commissioner and other administrative officers to sternly deal with the encroachers. 

SIKKIM: Trials for saffron cultivation at high altitudes have been initiated 

Sikkim University is conducting trials to test the possibility of farming saffron (kesar) in the northeastern state’s high-altitude areas.

Saffron is one of the most-costly spices in the world, and it is only grown in Kashmir. Experts, on the other hand, are making concerted efforts to develop the spice in other Himalayan states.

Dr. Chowdhary Mohd Iqbal, Director of Agriculture Department, Kashmir, confirmed the facts during a meeting convened by NITI Aayog. According to the updates of a press release, he also promised to provide all necessary support to the university in this area.

sikkim saffron cultivation

The multi-locational trials associated with the initiative, which were funded by Sikkim University, conclusively demonstrated the viability of farming saffron in Sikkim.

It’s worth noting that Sikkim University has been working to examine the matter since last year.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor and a team of researchers from Sikkim University held many online sessions with the director of the Kashmir Agricultural Department and several saffron experts to discuss various aspects of saffron farming.

TRIPURA: Dengue outbreak grips Tripura, 76 cases reported in one week

The Tripura health authority is concerned about an erratic outbreak of dengue fever cases in the state.

Over the course of a week, 76 instances of dengue fever were reported from Gomati district in South Tripura, after the Unokoti area in North Tripura. 

According to recent updates, this is the first time that the state has seen such a huge number of dengue cases. 

Every year, Tripura has had large-scale malaria outbreaks, mainly in border areas, as well as typical summer infections like gastroenteritis.

According to health officials, 28 of the 44 dengue patients in Killa have recovered, while three others have been referred to the Agartala Government Medical College. 

So far, one case has been discovered in the Amarpur district’s Bampur area, while 32 instances have been reported in Atharabhola.

In the last week of October, at least 52 dengue cases were reported in Kumarghat sub-division of Unakoti district. 

Officials said that the situation however has improved as a result of the department’s actions.



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