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‘Heartless’ woman sets dog and pups ablaze; incident of Animal cruelty shocks Citizens

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A woman in Kerala’s Manjali is accused of setting a dog and puppies on fire with a flambeau in an act of animal cruelty. When the mother dog and her seven pups were set on fire in Kerala, it was horrifying.

Manjali near Paravur in the Ernakulam district reported the incident on Monday. According to reports, two ladies committed the horrible deed.

Video of woman setting fire to a dog and its puppies catches Netizens’ attention

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On Saturday, a woman in Kerala was accused of setting fire to a dog and its puppies. The incident occurred in Manjali, Kerala, and a video of it has gone viral on social media. To terrify and chase it away, the two women set fire to the mother dog and puppies.

On social media, a video of the incident, which was allegedly filmed by some locals, has gone viral.

The woman can be seen in the footage lighting fire on the dogs. In the latest developments, the puppies were rescued and retrieved. 

Mother sustained injuries but will survive; puppies rescued by animal rights

While the puppies were retrieved successfully by animal rights activists, the mother of the puppies sustained minor burn damage. Animal rights activists discovered them in a nearby compound.

Why the two women acted in such a horrific manner is yet unknown.

According to the initial accounts, the stray dog had given birth on the women’s property and had been remaining there with its cubs ever since. The mother dog has suffered significant injuries but remains surviving, according to Daya Animal Welfare Organisation, an NGO; however, the fate of the puppies is unknown.

Mary has been identified as the woman. Mary is said to live in Manjali Diamond Mukku’s ward number three. On Saturday evening, the woman allegedly set the dogs on fire with a flambeau.

One of the puppies suffered burns

One of the dogs was burned, according to the activists who rescued them on Tuesday. The puppies are roughly 13 days old, according to the activists. According to The Times of India, the mother is being cared about by the Daya Animal Welfare Organisation in Muvattupuzha.

The animal protection organization approached the cops after the incident and filed a report. During questioning, Mary stated that there were seven puppies. Five of the puppies have been rescued, and attempts are underway to save the remaining puppies.

Rescue organization speaks about the incident; serious injuries were discovered

“On Saturday night, some locals informed us of the awful tragedy. We attempted to locate the mother dog on Sunday, but our crew was unsuccessful. Our team returned to the location on Monday and was able to locate her. She was transferred to our clinic and is currently receiving medical treatment, “Daya’s spokeswoman, Ashwani, informed Indiatimes.

According to her, the mother dog’s ears, throat, and back had been burned.

“The extent of her injuries is still unknown. She’ll be monitored for the following ten days, during which time we expect her to fully recover, “she stated. According to her, the inhumane behavior has left the mother dog traumatized.

FIR complaint launched against the women

According to the NGO’s complaint, an FIR has been filed against the two women.

They told police that they wanted to scare the mother dog, Ashwani said. The seven cubs who were killed have been buried, according to Ashwani.

It’s also because they know they’ll get away with a small fine, she said.

There is currently a fine of Rs. 50 for any act of animal cruelty such as mutilating or beating an animal or torturing it or starving it.

Are animal laws too lenient?

Several animal rights groups have been pressing for tougher sentences for animal abusers in recent years.

There is a belief that persons who abuse animals do so because it is easy to get away with a minor fee, and only harsher sanctions will cause them to rethink their actions.

According to Giriraj Singh, the minister of fisheries, animal husbandry, and dairying, “That there’s a need to tighten up criminal punishments under the PCA of 1960, has been acknowledged by the federal government. An increase in monetary fines and punishment provisions is included in the draught amendment.”

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