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Man rapes his 25-year-old daughter for marrying outside her caste, murders her later: Cop

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A 25-year-old daughter was raped and killed by her father, who was enraged because she married a guy from another caste, police said. She was grieving over the loss of her child due to pneumonia.

Where did the father take his daughter? 

According to Bhopal city superintendent of police Umesh Tiwari, the father escorted his daughter to a forest on the outskirts of the city to bury her deceased baby. But instead raped and murdered her on November 5. 

He disposed of their bodies in the woods.

What happened to the victim?

The remains were discovered nine days later, on November 14, when a forest guard contacted the police.

Initially, police investigators were primarily interested in a murder investigation.

According to Tiwari, it was only after the body was taken for an autopsy that it was discovered she had been raped before being strangled.


The accused confesses to murdering his daughter

The 55-year-old was arrested and charged with murder and rape. The murder plot has been brought against his 23-year-old son.

The accused had admitted to killing his daughter and informed his son about it, but not about the rape. The two also told his elder daughter the next day that he had slain her sister.

Surrendered for murder, he misinformed the police

As per the police officer Umesh Tiwari, the father informed the police after his detention that he was waiting for an opportunity to murder his daughter and that when she called him, he couldn’t contain his fury. 

His relatives stopped coming to see him and his family.

Villagers used to make fun of him, and many relatives stopped visiting his family because of his daughter’s inter-caste marriage, according to reports.

The woman and her husband lived in the Shujalpur region of the Shajapur district.

Because her husband was going to be in the capital of Chhattisgarh, Raipur, for some time, she travelled to her elder sister’s house in Bhopal with her baby to celebrate Diwali. 

What was the victim’s husband up to?

He was in charge of a tent encampment. Her son passed away from pneumonia during this visit. 

She kept their child’s death secret from her spouse. Her oldest sister contacted her father and brother, who live in the Sehore area of Bhopal.

Father asked the daughter to bury her baby

“The woman’s father, who had severed all connections with her following her inter-caste marriage, came to her and requested that she bury the baby’s remains. “The woman’s father and brother brought her to a jungle to bury the baby’s remains,” Tiwari explained.

Was it planned or unplanned?

“The guy instructed his son to keep an eye on the motorbike and accompanied his daughter into the woods,” Tiwari said. He began by discussing her decision to marry outside her caste. His daughter, on the other hand, remained silent.

The rape was unknown to the son and his older sister, according to Tiwari.

In-charge of the Ratibad police station authorities informed the woman’s husband of his wife’s murder, according to Sudesh Tiwari. 

The woman didn’t own a phone and had last called him on Diwali while borrowing someone else’s.

Though he was made assured her daughter was married, she still suffered

“After eloping, we married one and a half years ago. Her father had falsely reported his daughter missing to the Bilkisganj police station in Sehore at the time, but we assured them that we were married. “Her father then threatened to murder her if she returned to his place,” the husband alleged.



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