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Introducing 7S Automotives: The Biggest Car Detailing Service in North-East | Located in Jayanagar, Guwahati.

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Introducing 7S Automotives ( 7 States Automotives) as a Premium and the Biggest Automotive Detailing and Paint Protection Services provider in the North-East. Established in 2021 in Guwahati by Mr. Saurabh Marda, a Passionate Automobile Enthusiast with a vision to provide the region with World-Class and Professional grade Detailing, Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating services. 7S Automotives is also the First and only Premium Grade Bodywork and Car Painting service provider in the region with the most advanced Paint Booth System and an in-house paint formulation station provided by Glasurit (Germany).

A team of highly skilled and trained professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch detailing services, utilizing industry leading and latest techniques, tools, and products to achieve outstanding results.

Available Services:

Car Detailing:

Vehicle’s bodywork is very fragile; it is prone to day to day harshness of the roads like traffic, pollution, extreme climates, hard water and road nuisance. Overtime, these factors degrade the look of your vehicle in the form of Scratches, Paint Dullness, Swirl Marks, yellowing etc. 

Car detailing comprises of several services like Car Exterior Wash, Interior Wash, and Buildup Decontamination over paint, glass & alloys, paint correction for minor scratch removal etc. All these to make your vehicle retain its look and keep the body work maintained at all times. Given the name of the service, all of the above is done with high level of detail & Precision such that every inch of imperfection over the car is taken care of.

If It’s an old car, we ensure restoration of the vehicle to its former glory, and if it’s a new car we ensure that it retains the looks for the years to come.

Paint Protection Film – PPF

Paint Protection Film -PPF is a thermoplastic often self-healing film applied over the painted surface of a new or used car/bikein order to protect the paint from day to day scratches, stone chips, vandalism, UV paint damage, acid abrasions etc. It is like an Invisible Shield over the paintwork of your car / bike. This Film is a Long term protection with warranties ranging from 3 – 10 years and therefore is a very fruitful investment for your very prized asset.

7S Automotives, Guwahati, takes pride as the only Installer of Knight Skin (USA) PPF which comes with E-Warranty facility and an unmatched product quality at its price range.  

Benefits of PPF Application on your Vehicle: 

Protection from Scratches and Stone Chippings

Provides intense Gloss & Shine

Hydrophobic – Makes vehicle easy to clean and maintain

Self-Healing – Auto healing of minor scratches and swirl marks over the film.

Increases the resale value of the vehicle.

9H/10H Ceramic & Graphene Coating 

Ceramic coating / Graphene Coating is essentially a chemical polymer consisting of Liquid Silicon Dioxide or Silica (Si02) which when is applied to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle, forms a micro glass-like structure over these surfaces to protect it against severalenvironmental damages such as UV color fading, surface roughness, iron buildup, acid and chemical etching etc. and makes them easier to clean & maintain.

While choosing your service provider, it is very essential to know and research the brand of ceramic coating being provided as these coatings are available in various qualities in the market often being offered at very low pricing by some detailers who compromise on product quality by using cheap quality / white labeled coatings for gaining more clients.

7S Automotives, Guwahati, is the Only Gtechniq Accredited Ceramic Coating Applicators in the North-East and our lineup of coating products comprises of several well established international brands.

Benefits of Ceramic & Graphene Coating:

High Gloss and Reflective paint surface and smoothness

Hydrophobic – provides water repellency and water beadingproperties.

UV Protection of paint

Minor Scratch resistance

Self-Cleaning Properties 

7S Automotives takes North-East India by storm; setting new standards in automotive detailing and paint protection services

Denting & Painting

7S Automotives, Guwahati, is the First and only Multi brand – Premium Grade Bodywork and Car Painting service provider in the region with the most advanced Paint Booth System and an in-house paint formulation station provided by Glasurit(Germany). With our high grade of paintwork and precision we provide warranty on our paintwork for Shine, lasting, peel-off etc. We provide 100% color match and OEM Finish Assurance to our clients be it any make and model.

Other Services:

Vinyl Wrapping

Car Accessories: Seat Covers, 7D Mats, Multimedia Display, Sound System Setup, LED Lighting, Dashcam / Reverse Camera, Window Films, Guards, Covers, Etc

Car Interior Customization: Interiors Paint, Leather wrapping, Ambient Lighting, etc.

Car Modification: Body Kits, Custom Mods.


Visit the Store in Guwahati today to experience our one stop solutions to all your car and bike detailing, car care and modification requirements with the utmost quality and affordable pricing.

Contact : 9954128087

Address : Near Reliance Smart Supermarket, Jaya Nagar, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam 781028

Email :

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