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World Cancer Day 2022: History and Significance of the day

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Every year the 4th of February is celebrated as the World Cancer Day all over the world with a motive to create and spread awareness about cancer. 

This year too World Cancer Day will be celebrated on 4 February 2022, with the theme ‘Close the Care Gap’. 

About World Cancer Day 2022 

Close the Care Gap is the theme of World Cancer Day 2022-2024. 

World Cancer Day 2022

So what is ‘Close the Care Gap’? So, basically it is all about understanding and recognising the inequalities faced during cancer treatment by people of different economic backgrounds. 

‘Close the Care Gap’ is about identifying and recognising global inequalities in cancer treatment. 

It is about those inequalities that prevent a person from certain economic conditions to get full access to essential healthcare services regarding cancer. 

And these inequalities are costing lives of innocent people. 

History of the day 

World Cancer Day came into existence on 4 February, 2000, at the first World Summit Against Cancer, held in Paris. 

During which, various government agency leaders and cancer organizations signed the Charter of Paris Against Cancer. 

Every year since then, World Cancer Day is celebrated all over the world with various themes. 

It is done with a motive to create more awareness about cancer. To help provide better quality lives to cancer patients and to continue spreading more knowledge on cancer, its prevention and treatment. 

The Charter signed on the first World Summit Against Cancer consisted of 10 articles that had a cooperative global commitment to also keep investing in advanced studies on cancer, its prevention and treatment. 

Significance of the day

As per reports, globally cancer is the second leading cause of death. This day is therefore celebrated to reduce the blots surrounding cancer. To make people globally aware about cancer and cancer patients. 

This day is observed to raise awareness among people and educate them about cancer and how to fight it.  

Now, as per The World Health Organization, death counts due to cancer worldwide may shoot up to over 16.3 million by 2040, if the rate at which cancer is spreading remains the same or keeps increasing. 

The Indian population is mostly affected by lung, breast, cervical, head, neck and colorectal cancer. However, the WHO also mentioned that about 40% of the deaths by cancer are preventable.  

But due to lack of proper treatment the death toll keeps increasing. Therefore, Cancer Day is observed with the motive to reduce such occurrence worldwide. 

It is celebrated with an agenda to educate more and more people about cancer to make a world free of cancer. 

Therefore, on this day numerous events are organized, to educate and aware people of cancer and its early detection, treatment and more. 

cancer day

Lastly, while penning down this article I am reminded by Stuart Scott saying, “Working out is my way of saying to cancer, ‘You’re trying to invade my body; you’re trying to take me away from my daughters, but I’m stronger than you. And I’m going to hit harder than you.”



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