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Latest Teer Lottery result draw date 6/04/2022 of Khanapara, Juwai, Assam  are declared on this webpage. 

teer results

Teer Results

Outcome of Khanapara Teer 6/04/2022 Shillong, Juwai Jowai Landrymbai Assam Today, Shillong Morning Teer, Khanapara Morning Teer, Meghalaya Night Teer Live.

Outcome of Juwai Teer, Khanapara, Shillong, Shillong Night Teer, Khanapara Morning, Shillong Morning Teer, Meghalaya Day, and Meghalaya Night Teer are all available in real time.

teer results

Result declared:

Assam Teer Common Number, outcome list of Juwai, Bhutan, Shillong Previous, Assam State Teer Draw List, Assam State Lottery Sambad 4 pm Draw List, Assam State Lottery Night Draw List, Assam State Lottery Sambad 6/04/2022 Live, Assam State Teer Lottery are Below.

Let’s have a look at the outcome of the Lottery Sambad Winner which are declared till now and stay tuned for more updates.


F/R winner(2:15pm)- 78

S/R winner (3:00pm)- 85


*F/R winner (4:10pm)- 99

*S/R winner (4:45pm) – 74


F/R winner (3:45pm)- 74

S/R winner (4:45pm) – 63

Khanapara morning

F/R winner (11:00am)- 45

S/R winner (12:00pm)- 22

Shillong Morning

F/R winner (10:30am)- 22

S/R winner (11:30am)- 35

Shillong Night

F/R winner (10:30pm)- waiting

S/R winner (11:30pm)- waiting


*F/R winner (7:30pm)- waiting

*S/R winner (8pm) – waiting


The game’s result are generally announced on a daily basis. The game is mostly played in the northeastern state of Meghalaya and a person can make his fortune out of this game. The bets that are placed by a person may bring him wealth and at the same time might not be in his favour. The cash prize differs according to the bets that are placed, ranging from Rs 8000 to Rs 12000.

The game is played all throughout te week except on sundays and in accordance to the rules that are framed by the government of Meghalaya Amusement and betting tax act.

Khanapara Teer game is played throughout the week except for Sundays.

There are several genuine and authorized Teer booths available in the whole city and one should purchase tickets only from those. Stay away from any other person or shop. An individual can visit the official teer office and gather the list of verified booths in their respective area.

People who are interested can check for the results on the website and find out for themselves if they had a chance at winning or that the luck favored them or not.

Tickets are sold throughout the week except on sunday and the timings remain the same from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

In Meghalaya the game is played at the famous Polo Ground that is located at Jowai. More than 5000 tickets gets sold during the event and from various centres that are locayted at the state.

The players gather around the ground in the evening around 4:30 pm and 50 achers shoot about 30 arrows aiming at the point which is more or less at a distance of 50 meters. The number that is hit at the target is declared the winning number and the individual who had placed the bet on the winner wins the prize money.
There are usually 2 rounds that are played. In the first round about 30 arrows are shot and towards the second round 20 arrows are shot towards the target. The game starts at 4:30 to 5 pm and the results are declared on the internet. this helps people at far off places to get access to the results.

Many locals believe that a person usually dreams of a man in their sleep, then the lucky number has to be 6

if a woman is seen then the number is 5

If both man and woman are seen fighting or arguing then the number must be 3,8,13,37,40,73

In some cases if anyone has an erotic dream, the number can be 14 or 17

Other than these, if one sees a animal like a cow, or a buffalo or a goat then the numbers can be 12, 18, 19, 22,24, 34,42,54.


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