Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Section 144 imposed in Sivasagar ; night curfew imposed in bordering areas with Nagaland

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section 144 imposed by the district administration and a ban on all tobacco
products in sivasagar. Only women, government officials,
children below 12 years and aged people are exempted from
the ban.

section 144

Section 144 imposed

The above decision of imposing section 144 has been made in relation to the uproar
with the neighboring state of Nagaland. In an attempt to bid
any further uprisings between the two state, the DA has
decided on imposing night curfew from 6 am to 6 pm and
imposed section 144 in the state.

section 144

The restrictions will be in place until further notice, for the
next 2 months ie 60 days. In addition, individuals are also
restricted to move along the 5 km radius of the border from
6 am to 6 pm. All those who do not comply with the law, are
to be punished under section 188 of the IPC.

As per the reports from the District Administration,
“Gathering of five or more people in public places, meetings,
processions, dharnas, rallies by a group of individuals or
organisations, affixing of any kind of posters, banners on any
wall, the boundary of government, semi-government or

section 144

private residence, etc and writing obscene or derogatory
words and slogans are strictly prohibited during this period.”
Apart from these, strict actions will also be taken against
those who are pillion riding on two wheelers. As per the

officials, pillion riding gives the possibility to engage in anti
social behavioura such as firing, murder, kidnapping etc.
Some of the other ban items are plastic bags, tobacco
products have been banned in the entire district of Sivasagar.


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