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Kejriwal not to be openly “anti Hindu’, says CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

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Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam, has urged Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal not to be “openly anti-Hindu.” Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma has responded to Arvind Kejriwal’s comments about the film The Kashmir Files.


During his address to the assembly, Kejriwal said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should simply ask director Vivek Agnihotri to upload The Kashmir Files to YouTube to make it tax-free. He claimed that once it’s on YouTube, everyone will be able to watch it in a day for free.

Assam’s chief minister questioned Arvind Kejriwal about his position on the Kashmir Files in response to the above statement. “Kejriwal has earlier made many films tax-free but why does he want The Kashmir Files to be uploaded on YouTube. What’s his interest?”

The Assam Chief Minister also addressed the issue of people’s ability to watch the film. “Today in India, how many can access The Kashmir Files on YouTube. In Assam, Manipur, and many places there is no YouTube or Google. You do it tax-free or not but you don’t have the right to humiliate. You do whatever you want but don’t be so anti-Hindu openly. Today within the Hindu family, we (have people who are) are anti-Hindu, otherwise Hindu civilization used to lead the world at one point,” he added.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party I/C Assam Rajesh Sharma responded to Assam CM’s claims by claiming that the demands to make The Kashmir Files tax-free have a hidden agenda. 

Rajesh Sharma expressed his thoughts by saying, “If the issue can be resolved, then it can be tax-free, but will the pain be resolved if the movie is made tax-free. If we make the movie tax-free, will there be a solution? What Arvind Kejriwal meant is that if you want to show the movie to everyone, it used to be uploaded on YouTube. The need to make the film tax-free is a political demand, there is an agenda behind it.” 

The AAP’s Assam National Convenor also stated that the issue should not be politicised. “We feel the pain of Kashmiri Pandits. Yesterday, our leader Sanjay Singh said he is ready to allocate Rs 5 lakh to the Kashmiri Pandits. The BJP government has crossed 8 years, but how many Kashmiri Pandits have been relocated?” added the AAP leader.

Kejriwal Mocking BJP leader for Promoting “ The Kashmir Files”

Arvind Kejriwal is seen in the video mocking BJP leaders for “promoting The Kashmir Files.” Arvind Kejriwal’s speech in the Delhi Assembly has gone viral, with many people sharing it with the hashtag KejriwalhatesKP, implying that he despises Kashmiri Pandits.

He questioned state governments’ decision to exempt the film from taxation. “Ask Vivek Agnihotri to put the film on YouTube. Everyone can watch it for free. What’s the need to make the movie tax free,” Kejriwal is seen asking in the video.


Many people shared screenshots of the video, in which Kejriwal can be seen laughing at BJP leaders promoting the film.

He then tells BJP workers that they should join the Aam Aadmi Party, “Stop behaving like sheep. Come to AAP. You will get respect and honour. We will not engage you in fake sloganeering. We shall use you to build the nation. We will not ask you to stick posters of fake films.”

“Whatever you do, stop promoting pictures. You look terrible. It doesn’t suit you. You came to politics to do something [for the nation], but now you have been engaged in promoting films,” he said.

Why was it wrong for the BJP to promote a film when the AAP government in Delhi had tax-free films such as 83, Nil Battey, Sannata, Dangal, Neerja, and Hindi Medium?

This speech, they claimed, “exposed Kejriwal’s hypocrisy.” In fact, #KejriwalExposed was the top trending topic on Twitter for the majority of the day.




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