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Good news for all dog lovers: Guwahati gets its first dog cemetery

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The world’s first dog graveyard will be built in the Mairakuchi district on the outskirts of Guwahati. The effort was carried out by ‘Just Be Friendly,’ a Guwahati-based NGO, according to reports. 

According to the study, the burial places were built on a plot of land totaling 2 bighas. 

Around ten canines have been cremated so far, and memorial columns have been built in their honour. 

The JIRAW – a JBF Integrated Care and Resource Centre for Animals project will provide burial services for a reasonable donation.

Project has many operations in Guwahati

Workers from the Guwahati Municipal Corporation will be in charge of the pickup service (GMC). 

In order to decrease the number of stray domestic animal in the city, the project will also provide birth control services for them.


According to JBF Public Relations Officer Gangotri Borgohain, the NGO will be required to pay roughly Rs 1000 per week on ground maintenance.

Previously, in Manipur, a reward of Rs 60, 000 was offered to anyone who could provide information about two people who slaughtered stray animals in the Thoubal district. The Manipur Dog Lovers’ Club and the Yening Animal Foundation, two dog-loving organisations, announced the award.

Seeking Justice

On Tuesday, the club launched a campaign to seek justice for the animals. “At Wangjing Lamding Cherapura, two bike-riding men killed the dog Mylo and seized its carcass. Longjam Anandkumar, a local resident, owned the dog “, the groups released a joint statement. 

The members would submit a memorandum to the government if necessary, requesting justice for the domestic animal and urging it to stop animal cruelty, according to the statement.

Learn about this Delhi-based NGO that fed over 900 stray animals every day during the COVID-19 lockdown

Animal lover Arpit Mathur, who was working with the Robin Hood Army at the time, saw a starving dog on the streets of West Delhi and decided to feed it.

dogs 1

“When I came across a doggo lying down on the sidewalk, he was emaciated and famished, I decided to take action to help the stray dogs in my neighbourhood.” “From there, my adventure began,” Arpit tells SocialStory. “I purchased some milk and bread to feed him, and from there, my journey began.”

Soon after, he was joined by a group of volunteers who decided to form the Perroayuda Welfare Foundation (PWF) in 2019. In the year 2020, it was formally registered.

 About Perroayuda

Perroayuda is a combination of two Spanish words: ‘Perro,’ which means dog, and ‘Ayuda,’ which means help.

“The name accurately reflects what we do and who we are. We assist stray animals in a variety of ways, including rescue, treatment, and adoption. “Our team spends evenings on the streets, saving and assisting pets,” Arpit explains.

Over 111 active volunteers continued to feed their neighbourhood strays during the COVID-19 outbreak. They feed approximately 900 strays on average across Delhi-NCR and a few sections of Ghaziabad. 

The volunteers fed stray dogs and other animals in their neighbourhood due to the lockout.

A non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of Domestic Animal

The Perroayuda Welfare Foundation is a youth-focused charity. The majority of the team is between the ages of 20 and 25. These volunteers labour in various departments, and the board of directors is made up of people in the same age bracket.

The NGO’s major goal is to provide food, care, love, and medical treatment to stray animals in need wherever they are found, as well as organise fun feeding drives to raise awareness and adoption.

In truth, the organisation is not limited to a specific region and strives to expand out to other states and cities based on volunteer availability in that area.

To enlist the help of the strays, Perroayuda feeds them its bootstrapped dry dog chow.



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