Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Sikkim: The ruling SKM has condemned the allegations made by former Chief Minister of Sikkim Pawan Chamling against SKM government during the just concluded 2022-23 Budget Session.

Addressing a press conference here at SKM party headquarters on Sunday, party spokesperson Jacob Khaling maintained that Chamling was not speaking in the interest of Sikkimese people even for a second in the Assembly.

All Chamling did was to defend himself and his family members, he said.

“It will hurt the sentiments of SDF supporters and Sikkimese people but the fact is Chamling did not use a one second in favour of the people of Sikkim.

He utilised the time (in the Assembly) solely to safeguard his image which is unacceptable from the longest serving Chief Minister of the country”, Khaling criticised.

The SKM spokesperson accused the SDF president of creating unrest and violence wherever he goes in Sikkim after a failed attempt to topple SKM government during his three-month stay in Delhi in 2021.

He stated that the SDF tried to defame the SKM government by orchestrating an attack on the convoy of Chamling on the first day of the budget session so that Chamling can play the victim card.

Khaling pointed to the arrest of seven persons from Darjeeling with alleged weapons by Gangtok Sadar police on March 31 at Nam Nam, Gangtok.

The accused persons have a close relation with Chamling and his family, he said.

We urge those involved in the violence not to get carried away and not to support the vested interest of Chamling as he is simply using them for his personal gain, he said.

“Beside culture, tradition and language, we also share a special bond with Darjeeling, wherein Sikkimese and Sikkim government have extended support and love wholeheartedly to Darjeeling and its people all the time.

Hence, in return all we expect them is not to interfere in our politics”, the SKM spokesperson said.

Khaling said Sikkim Budget 2022-23 was dedicated for the upliftment of the poor, youth and women.

Sikkim Government Aims For Poverty-Free Sikkim

Similarly SKM spokesperson C.P. Sharma stated that Chamling’s fake allegations are not the challenges of the ruling front.

Our focus is to make Sikkim free from poverty and unemployment, he said.

Sharma also turned the attention on BJP MLA D.T. Lepcha, a former senior minister in the past Chamling government and questioned his loyalty to the BJP.

D.T. Lepcha was heard in a digital platform openly praising Chamling which makes his loyalty to BJP questionable, Sharma said.

He highlighted the achievements attained by the SKM government in the past three years and thanked everyone for their presence and participation in the budget session.

SKM spokesperson Bikash Basnett, in his statement at the media conference, condemned Chamling’s statements of not being given an opportunity to place his views during the Budget session.

“Chamling who skipped 20 sessions of Assembly out of 26 held so far without any prior intimation, violated the decorum of the House and he coming up with such allegations is highly condemnable”, said Basnett.

He added that all the members of the House were allotted seven minutes time to speak out their views and opinion.

Further dismissing the allegations of Chamling on not allowing him to raise point of order, Basnett informed that the SDF president was given the allotted 7 minutes time.

It was Chamling who violated the Assembly rule of 320(2) by interrupting the presentation made by the Leader of the House, he said.

Basnett stressed that Chamling need not play a victim card by claiming how his family members was dragged in the Assembly discussions since the presentation was made as per the data available, that too on the questions raised by the member of the Assembly.

“Chamling should let go off his pride and stop seeking the privilege in the Assembly for being a former CM or the longest serving CM”, commented Basnett.



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