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Investment: 6 Myths regarding Investment

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Many myths about the worth of mutual fund units, liquidity, returns, and where they invest must be debunked in order to make the best investment decisions.

Moreover, many investors avoid mutual funds because of the many misleading pieces of information available. The truth is that if the correct mutual fund is picked based on the risk appetite, age, and goals of the investors, it can help them develop wealth over time.

Investing can be intimidating at first. With all the language and seemingly incomprehensible numbers, it’s understandable that investing isn’t for everyone.

With so many moving parts and unpredictability, it’s easy to get caught up in investment misconceptions. These myths, misunderstandings, and half-truths frequently frustrate investors, leading them to make rash financial decisions.


However, knowing how to distinguish between investment myths and facts can help you become a successful investor. In this blog, we’ll debunk the top seven investment misconceptions everyone should avoid.


6 Myths related to investment

Investing is only for the wealthy-

This is the most widespread misconception held by those who are not involved in the investment world. To invest, you don’t have to be a multimillionaire. Instead, it’s all about getting started early and staying consistent.

There are a variety of ways to invest, and none of them require a large initial investment. All types of investors can benefit from such securities because they are accessible and viable. 

As a result, you can start small. Begin by getting used to the idea of investing and gradually increasing your investment portfolio. For instance, you can start a mutual fund SIP with as little as Rs. 500 every month.

You should be able to time the market-

After all, there is no way to time the market. Markets are the result of a variety of external and dynamic causes. While some market occurrences are described as cyclical, it is hard to predict market dynamics with 100% precision.

So, what are your options? 

You diversify your portfolio and stay in it long enough to weather market ups and downs.

Returns are guaranteed based on previous performance-

Before investing, historical tendencies must be taken into account. 

However, keep in mind that the patterns may change depending on the situation. Given the current market volatility, it is prudent not to base investment decisions solely on historical trends.

For example, there is a significant variation between the Sensex composition 20 years ago and today. Several companies that were relevant at the time are no longer on the list. 

This is due to the fact that they have become obsolete over time. Before you invest, make a note of previous results. Keep in mind that past performance does not guarantee future results.

The stock market is excessively volatile-

Stock markets are frequently mistakenly equated to casinos. Stock market volatility can be frightening in the near term. Investors who are just starting out, on the other hand, should take a long-term approach. 

The primary distinction between investing and gambling is the presence of a strategy.

The goal of wealth creation is a long-term strategy that will not materialize immediately. Once you’ve chosen the correct funds, investing is as much about patience as it is about making money.

Investing requires a significant amount of time-

One of the main reasons people put off investment is that it is a difficult procedure. People frequently believe that investing entails poring through balance sheets and other research for hours in order to assess and make informed decisions. 

The truth is that investing does not have to be a time-consuming endeavor.

On the contrary, finding top mutual funds that correspond with your investment objectives does not require a lot of time or effort. 

Several broad-based funds managed by professional fund managers might be discovered. They will conduct research on your behalf in order to create substantial profits.

Higher benefits necessitate greater risks-

Investors are frequently willing to take on greater risks in the hopes of receiving spectacular rewards. The truth is that no investment can guarantee a profit, and there is always the possibility of losing money. 

To reach their investing aim, several experienced investors frequently sit on the mid-to-low end of the risk range.

The idea is to control your risks as effectively as possible. As investors, you should think about the various investment options accessible, such as asset combinations, a variety of funds, and various investing strategies.


Investing in myths may be a deterrent. They may prevent you from investing and reaching your long-term financial goals. Do not be swayed by such myths. Instead, start your investment adventure as a well-informed investor right now!




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