Monday, March 27, 2023

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Indian Government ordered the ban of 22 YouTube Channels

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Indian Government has ordered the ban of 22 YouTube channels today. The decision has been made against the usage of false images to captivate the audience and gain followers.

indian government

Indian Government bans 22 Youtube channels

The officials has decided to ban channels that were misusing images to captivate audience and gain followers on their channels. they were mostly using images of known TV anchors and logos to spread misinformation.

The officials from the Information and broadcasting has confirmed the news and has conveyed that a total of 22 youtube channels have been banned for the above reasons.

under the new rules of the IT 2021, the decision to bn such accounts of Youtube has come to light.

Over the present days, The government has banned three accounts from twitter, one from facebook and rest from youtube.

indian government

The channels that were blocked are –

  1. ARP News
  2. AOP News
  3. LDC news
  4. Sarkaribabu
  5. SS zone hindi
  6. smart news
  7. news 23 hindi
  8. online khabar
  9. DP news
  10. PKB news
  11. Kisantak
  12. Borana news
  13. Sarkari news update
  14. Bharat Mausam
  15. RJ zone 6
  16. exam report
  17. Digi gurukul
  18. dinbhar khabar

apart from thee some were also pakistani channels that were spreading false news

  1. Duniya meryagy
  2. Ghulam nabimadni
  3. Haqeeqat Tv
  4. Haqeeqat tv 2.0

The above channels were barred by the Indian Government to be dipalyed in Youtube.

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