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ASSAM: CM Sarma inaugurates Jorhat-Majuli Bridge

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ASSAM: Keeping in careful consideration, the initiative to develop road infrastructure in the state, the Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways, Government of India in collaboration with the Assam Government inaugurated the construction of the Majuli-Jorhat bridge on Monday, November 29. 

The project is expected to bring all the hurdles of transport and communication in the river island, to an end. 

The newly inaugurated bridge will connect the district of Jorhat to the river island Majuli. The time for the construction of the bridge is scheduled for 48 months. 

The length of the main bridge is about 5,000 metres, while the viaduct length and approach road length will be 1812.50 metres and 1213 metres, respectively. Initially, the total length of the bridge stood to be 8025.50 metres. 

The materials for the bridge construction will be manufactured from the UP stage, Bridge Corporation Limited, Lucknow. 

It was in the previous year 2020, when to meet the long-awaited demand of the populace in Majuli island, a Jorhat to Kamalabari bridge was declared on November 17 and an estimated amount of Rs 925.47 crore was sanctioned on February 4, 2021. 

Furthermore, the bridge will also provide connectivity to North-Lakhimpur district headquarters in North Assam. 

ARUNACHAL PRADESH: MLA Techi Kaso, DC, IMC Mayor inspects Itanagar cremation-cum-burial ground 

On Sunday, MLA Techi Kaso, Capital DC Talo Potom, and IMC Mayor Tame Phassang, as well as a few IMC corporators, paid a visit to the cremation-cum-burial ground in Itanagar to assess its current state. 

They also took part in a community service event hosted by Ward 10 Corporator Yukar Yaro. 

Kaso stated on the occasion that he is devoted to delivering a good cremation-cum-burial ground with all of the necessary amenities. 

He stated that he has contributed Rs 2 crores towards the burial-cum-cremation plot. 

Kaso further stated that the state government has been given a budget of Rs 5 crores for the remaining work, which includes the construction of retaining and protection walls, water and power supplies, and border construction. 

Potom stressed the need of maintaining sanitation and hygiene when visiting the cremation and burial grounds. 

He also suggested that a caretaker be hired right away to look after the grounds. 

The social service was attended by IMC Commissioner Likha Tejji, Corporators Yukar Yaro and Lokam Anand, officials, community leaders, and scores of Ward 10 residents.

MANIPUR: BJP Volunteers provides medical supplies to Karong AC residents 

During a function conducted at the residence of Dr V Alexander Pao, ex-MLA under Sewa International, BJP youth volunteers delivered medical kits to the people of 47-Karong AC on Saturday. 

Sewa International is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation dedicated to promoting volunteer-driven social projects for humanity, inspired by the spirit of Sewa or Selfless Service. 

Dr. Alexander Pao, who spoke at the event, said that Karong AC was fortunate to receive the medical kits, which are critical in the fight against the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic. 

He stated that 25 communities had received medical kits, and that similar assistance would be supplied to the rest of the villages under the assembly section in the near future. 

The RSS in-charge in Manipur, Ravi Shankar, stated that disaster management has been a significant priority area for the organisation, and that they have been involved in rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts in 16 major catastrophes. 

MEGHALAYA: PM Modi expresses gratitude to Whistling villagers of Kongthong 

PM Modi expresses gratitude to Whistling villagers of Kongthong

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to his Twitter handle to wholeheartedly thank the people of the whistling village of Kongthong. 

Kongthong is a village in Meghalaya where residents have a special and unique manner of communicating with each other. They use tunes composed for each individual instead of calling them by names. 

Recently, villagers of Kongthong, in Meghalaya coined a tune for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name. 

Responding to the coining of an exclusively made tune, PM Modi, taking to his bird-app handle, said, “Grateful to the people of Kongthong for this kind gesture. The Government of India is fully committed to boosting the tourism potential of Meghalaya. And yes, I have also been seen great pictures of the recent Cherry Blossom Festival in the state. Looks beautiful.” 

He also observantly provides a special mention to the very recent Cherry Blossom Festival held in the capital city of Meghalaya.

MIZORAM: Assam Rifles organizes lecture to generate awareness about diseases 

The Lunglei Battalion of Assam Rifles, under the patronage of Headquarter IGAR, held a lecture on ‘Awareness Regarding Common Diseases’ at Hmangbuchhua village in Mizoram today in an endeavour to raise awareness about diseases and epidemics. 

The lecture, which drew 11 residents, aimed to create awareness about early diagnosis and symptoms, as well as prevalent diseases and prevention strategies. 

This public awareness campaign is intended to raise knowledge of illnesses among locals, allowing them to take quick action when the general well-being of distant people is threatened. 

Furthermore, the residents of Hmangbuchhua village expressed their gratitude for the Assam Rifles’ efforts and thoughtful ideas. 

NAGALAND: Kohima Police announces traffic advisory ahead of Hornbill Festival; Read 

Kohima Police announces traffic advisory ahead of Hornbill Festival Nagaland

Kohima police issued traffic advisories ahead of the 22nd Edition of Hornbill Festival 2021, which is set to begin on December 1st, 2021 at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, notified Kohima police on Monday. To ensure smooth traffic during the festive period, the following advisories are issued for compliance.

– From the 1st to the 10th of December 2021, no heavy trucks will be permitted to enter the Kohima Municipal area after 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. All heavy vehicles will be stopped at the following sites to reduce traffic congestion: – Chaprü Peducha, Jotsoma By-Pass, and Khuzama Police Checkpoint 

– All loading and unloading must be done before 7 a.m. within the Kohima Municipal Municipality. 

– To support the Kohima Night Carnival, the road stretch from Y-Junction Phoolbari to Razhü Point will be closed to vehicular traffic from 3 PM to 10 PM on all days during the festival. All traffic will be redirected via local ground from Y-Junction to Razhü Point (Khuochiezie). 

– From 3 p.m. until 10 p.m., all vehicular movement between New Market and New NST will be prohibited. 

– Between Classic Point and the PHQ junction, no vehicles will be allowed to park. All displaced automobiles along this road will be parked at the Old Medical Directorate’s New Multi-Level Parking Building. 

– The bus stop at PHQ intersection (BOC bus stop) will be relocated from its current location to the area directly across from NSF Martyrs’ Park. 

SIKKIM: Sikkim Cricket Association condemns “False” Statements by former football captain Bhaichung Bhutia 

Former Indian football captain and Sikkim Football Association advisor Bhaichung Bhutia’s “reckless” utterances against the association receiving grant-in-aid to the tune of Rs. 15-20 crore annually have been sharply criticised by the Sikkim Cricket Association (SICA). 

Money does not equal good governance, according to a press release released by SICA, the cricket organisation. 

SICA has also implemented a number of structural reforms, bringing openness to all parts of governance, including financial matters, the establishment and construction of District bodies, and even giving them voting rights and governance powers. 

“This is entirely false and we urge Mr. Bhaichung to get his facts checked before speaking out against other associations or sporting bodies, who are only trying their best to help the state of Sikkim and its people,” the cricket association stated. 

“SICA would also take this opportunity to inform the general public that all and any grants received by us is in the public domain and has been made available for anyone interested, through the BCCI website,” the association added.

TRIPURA: Assam Police arrests head of Barak Democratic Front Pradip Dutta Roy 

Assam police have detained Pradip Datta Roy, a former Tripura student leader who is now the leader of the Barak Democratic Front, for allegedly using the name language to promote suspicion among the people. 

He was apprehended just hours after Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma issued a statement saying that a political party seeking to expand its base in Assam is attempting to sow rifts between different groups, Tripurainfo reported. 

Pradip Datta Roy, the President of the NSUI (National Student Union of India), a student wing of the Congress, transferred his base to Silchar, Assam, in the mid-80s and became involved in Congress politics. 

As the leader of the All Cachar, Karimgunj, and Hailakandi Students’ Association, he rose to prominence. 

As stated by Tripurainfo, the immediate reason for his detention was giving a 48-hour ultimatum to the Cachar Deputy Commissioner seeking the removal of hoarding written in Assamese. 

It has been interpreted by the administration as an attempt to create rift between the communities.



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