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What to wear in Winter? 5 easy outfits for women

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Fashion‘ refers to how people dress and what kind of external getup most people think is making them look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated.

Style is superficial and dynamic. It changes with wind and time. We are in the 21st century and style and trend today have a major dominance in the world more than they ever did.

Fashion is not just a mere means of dressing one’s body up but it is the essence of one’s personality and beliefs. 

Winter is here and a new season is always a great time for a workwear refresh. We believe, a new season brings new cloth to wear and style to flaunt. 

When temperatures drop, it’s hard to focus on much more than just not freezing like a solid block of ice. 

Does the unbearable cold make you wish for a blanket to wrap yourself in? 

5 easy outfits for women to wear to the office: 

1) Formal dark shaded Pant with a Button-Down Shirt, an overcoat and black formal shoe 

A well-fitted button-down shirt in your favorite neutral shades with a combination of dark-shaded pants are enough to nail your look for the office.

The overcoat along with the formal shoes will complement the entire look. After this, you’ll never be left wondering what to wear to work in winter.  

Besides, a polished-looking handbag makes great accessories for workwear. 

2) Turtleneck Sweater with knee-length pencil skirt

Turtleneck clothes are cute and classy at the same time. Pick a knee-length pencil skirt and pair it with a contrasting sweater and booties. It will serve you a professional look. It is indeed the embodiment of the modern age power woman.

3) Trousers with a light jacket 

If you are struggling to figure out what to wear to work in winter, this is the simplest outfit to go for. Pick a pair of neutral dark-colored trousers, and top them with a light jacket in a lighter color.

If you don’t have formal jackets, go for a turtleneck sweater or a buttoned cardigan. Accessorize with a bag and belt to match your trousers. Remember accessories are like ‘cherry on the cake’. 

4) Tweed Suit with Strappy Pumps or Formal Flats 

Tweed suits are the perfect option for when you wanna look like the boss. They are really a timeless winter office wear option. Choose a neutral colour and pair it with a pastel blouse and heeled booties or formal flats.

Accessorise with a matching slim handbag and eye makeup to put style in professionalism. This will surely make some heads turn to have a view on your look.

5) Layering

Some offices are cold, while others are uncomfortably warm. And yours might even be both throughout the day. Wearing a sweater over a nice dress shirt, for example, offers some flexibility.

You’ll look professional when you’re chilly and the sweater is on, and when you get warm and take it off. You can also layer by wearing warm socks, long underwear, or tights under your clothes.

Besides the above-mentioned, vests are an adorable way to add a little flare to a simple look.

However, one must know the art of ‘versatility in clothing’. Make sure you train yourself good enough to turn a fabric over and over again to build new looks every day that never feel repetitive. 

Besides, an individual may also invest in coordinating suiting that can be worn together or separately.

And when in doubt pick up pieces that are styled just as easily on your downtime—like leather trousers and white pants. See ten looks that will inspire your 9-5 wardrobe, and shop the pieces.



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