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No ATM card, but need cash? Don’t worry as NPCI launches new atm where you can withdraw cash by UPI


India’s first UPI-ATM

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The introduction of India’s first UPI-ATM marks a significant milestone in the evolution of fintech. Developed through a collaboration between Hitachi Payment Services and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), this White Label ATM (WLA) brings UPI’s dominance in digital payments to the realm of ATM transactions. This groundbreaking innovation promises to enhance accessibility and convenience for bank customers across the nation.

Sumil Vikamsey, the MD and CEO of Cash Business at Hitachi Payment Services, underscored the importance of this pioneering offering. He emphasized how it empowers any bank customer to enjoy the convenience of QR-based UPI cash withdrawals. This development holds the potential to revolutionize how individuals access cash, especially in areas where traditional machines are scarce.

NPCI, too, expressed their excitement about this customer-centric advancement, acknowledging its capacity to transform transactions. By seamlessly integrating UPI with conventional ATMs, this innovation ensures swift and secure access to cash, eliminating the need for a physical card. The concept is engineered to reach even the most remote corners of India, bridging gaps in financial accessibility.

The UPI-ATM process combines seamlessness with security. Users initiate the transaction by selecting their desired withdrawal amount, which generates a corresponding UPI QR code. By simply scanning this QR code using their UPI app, users can then authorize the transaction with their unique UPI PIN. The cash is dispensed promptly, offering a hassle-free and efficient experience for customers.

ATM:  NPCI launches new atm where you can withdraw cash by UPI

Step 1: Select Withdrawal Amount

  • Approach the UPI-ATM and start the transaction.
  • Choose the desired amount for withdrawal from the options provided on the screen.

Step 2: Generate UPI QR Code

  • Once the withdrawal amount is selected, the UPI-ATM will generate a corresponding QR code on the screen.

Step 3: Scan QR Code

  • Open your UPI-enabled mobile banking app on your smartphone.
  • Select the option to scan a QR code within the app.

Step 4: Authorize Transaction

  • Use your smartphone’s camera to scan the UPI QR code displayed on the UPI-ATM screen.
  • The app will prompt you to enter your UPI PIN to authorize the transaction.

Step 5: Collect Dispensed Cash

  • Upon successful authorization, the UPI-ATM will promptly dispense the requested cash amount.

Step 6: Transaction Completion

  • Ensure you collect the dispensed cash and any receipt provided by the UPI-ATM.

This new UPI-ATM not only enhances convenience for bank customers but also holds promise for the broader financial landscape. It signifies a shift towards more inclusive and accessible financial services, particularly in regions where traditional banking infrastructure is limited. Additionally, the integration of UPI technology with ATMs exemplifies the adaptability and innovation that characterize the fintech sector.

Furthermore, this development is poised to have a ripple effect on consumer behavior. As individuals become more accustomed to the ease and security of UPI-based transactions, there may be a gradual shift away from traditional card-based methods. This transition could potentially influence the future trajectory of digital payments in India.

In conclusion, the launch of India’s inaugural UPI-ATM is a watershed moment for the fintech industry. Through the collaborative efforts of Hitachi Payment Services and NPCI, this innovation has the potential to redefine how individuals access cash and conduct transactions. By seamlessly integrating UPI technology with ATMs, this development not only enhances convenience but also exemplifies the adaptability and innovation that characterize the fintech sector. As this technology gains traction, it may well shape the future of digital payments in India.

In conclusion, the introduction of India’s first UPI-ATM stands as a testament to the transformative power of fintech. This groundbreaking collaboration between Hitachi Payment Services and NPCI not only brings convenience to the fingertips of bank customers but also symbolizes the adaptability and innovation inherent in the industry.

By seamlessly integrating UPI technology with traditional ATMs, this development addresses accessibility gaps and sets a new standard for secure and efficient transactions. As this innovation gains momentum, it has the potential to reshape the landscape of digital payments in India, ushering in an era of greater financial inclusivity and convenience for all.



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