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Sneha Dubey: IFS officer gives befitting response to Pakistan PM Imran Khan at UN; Watch

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Sneha Dubey, India’s 1st secretary at the United Nations, has shocked the members of the Assembly with her influential speech as she took on Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly.

India slammed Imran Khan in its Right of Reply against Pakistan Prime Prime Minister’s citations to Kashmir in his UN General Assembly virtual speech and stated that Islamabad has an established history of actively assisting terrorists.

India gave a blistering response after Imran Khan brought up the issue of Kashmir in his address to the United Nations General Assembly. However, India’s powerful rebuttal was presented by a young lady, Sneha Dubey,
Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer of the 2012 batch.

Here is what Sneha Dubey declared at UNGA:

Watch the Video here:

“Regrettably, this is not the first time the leader of Pakistan has misused platforms provided by the UN to propagate false and malicious propaganda against my country, and seeking in vain to divert the world’s attention from the sad state of his country where terrorists enjoy free pass while the lives of ordinary people, especially those belonging to the minority communities, are turned upside down.”

She further adds “The Member States are aware that Pakistan has an established history and policy of harboring, aiding, and actively supporting terrorists. This is a country that has been globally recognized as one openly supporting, training, financing, and arming terrorists as a matter of State policy. It holds the ignoble record of hosting the largest number of terrorists prescribed by the UN Security Council.”

She slammed Pakistan for speaking on internal matters of India

“We exercise our Right of Reply to one more attempt by the leader of Pakistan to tarnish the image of this august forum by bringing in matters internal to my country, and going so far as to spew falsehoods on the world stage,” she said.

Regarding the Pakistani rhetoric of calling themselves as the “victim of terrorism”, she said, “This is the country that is an arsonist disguising itself as a fire-fighter. Pakistan nurtures terrorists in their backyard in the hope that they will only harm their neighbors. Our region, and the entire world, have suffered because of their policies. On the other hand, they are trying to cover up sectarian violence in their country as acts of terror,”

India’s secretary Sneha Dubey, citing the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks says, “We marked the solemn occasion of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks a few days back. The world has not forgotten that the mastermind behind that dastardly event, Osama Bin Laden, got shelter in Pakistan. Even today, Pakistan leadership glorifies him as a martyr.”

Leader of Pakistan tries to justify acts of terror

She further states, even today it can be understood that the leader of Pakistan tries to justify acts of terror. However, such kind of defense against terrorism is unacceptable in the modern world.

For suppressing the minority communities of Pakistan, she slammed further with her speech:

“Today, the minorities in Pakistan – the Sikhs, Hindus, Christians – live in constant fear and state-sponsored suppression of their rights. This is a regime where anti-Semitism is normalized by its leadership and even justified,” said by First Secretary.

Disagreeing voices are silenced daily and enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings are well documented, she added.

Bringing out a parallel between Pakistan and India, she said that India is a pluralistic democracy with a substantial population of minorities who have gone on to hold the highest offices in the country including as President, Prime Minister, Chief Justices, and Chiefs of the Army Staff.

She also stated that, unlike Pakistan, India is a country with unrestricted media and an independent judiciary that keeps an eye on and protects our Constitution.

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