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Read to know the 5 greatest bands in the history of rock music

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From the 1990s, alternative rock began to dominate rock music and break into the mainstream in the form of grunge, Britpop, and indie rock.And when we speak of the “grunge” revolution we often talk about the toppling of the ’80s hair-metal power’ structure by a network of Washington lumberjacks expressing their traumas with guitars.But we overlook some best bands that arose from the boredom of latchkey kids in a struggling city. So,we are counting down our picks for the top five greatest rock bands of all time. These groups defined rock-and-roll and they are based on a mix of their influence, their success in sales,the quality and enduring legacy of their music as well as the band’s industrial nature and how prolific they were at their times.

Pearl jam

In the fall of 1990, a little room In Seattle,off to the side which the photographer used for his darkroom photography was where Eddie Vedder lived. That is where Pearl Jam began. Ed went by Eddie then.And in the short time from Vedder’s arrival in Seattle on Oct., 1990, to the release of “Ten” on Aug., 1991, Pearl Jam relied on hard work and talent to set itself apart in an exploding Seattle music scene.

From left, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, Dave Krusen, Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard hang out in the band’s rehearsal space underneath a Belltown ironworks shop. (Lance Mercer/1990).


Rock never ends and nor does the legacy of Nirvana . Nirvana is one of the most popular band that Formed in Seattle in 1987, represented the leading edge of a movement born in the sub-basement of ’70s punk and the ’80s underground. They single-handedly launched alternative music into the mainstream when their second album, Nevermind, took the music industry by surprise and changed the entire history in 1991.Kurt,knew how to write catchy songs that appealed to people who were desperate to find a voice. He was the king of grunge for laying out melodies, hooks, lyrics, everything.

GERMANY – NOVEMBER 12: Dave Grohl, Kurt Coabin, Krist Novoselic

Led Zeppelin

What do you get when you bring together Robert plant’s bluesy vocals, jimmy page’s guitar solos, john Bonham’s thunderous bass drum and John paul jone’s timeless bass lines? You get an innovative and unmatched sound that blends blues, hard rock and folk. But that’s not all Led Zeppelin are famous for. Their incomparable live performance, willingness to experiment and wild offstage behaviour led Zeppelin became the biggest band of 1970s. With over 200 million album sold and multiple accolades the heavy metal four runners also ensured their influence would reach over the hills and far away.
Even though Led Zeppelin isn’t a metal band according to this day. But they were very heavy for their time. and According to many people the opening riff of their song “Whole Lotta Love” is considered as the first heavy metal riff. Though its more blues than metal but its heavy and the picking in the song is fast and as heavy as most metal guitarists of this generation.

British rock band Led Zeppelin, (left – right): John Paul Jones, John Bonham (1948 – 1980), Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, pose in front of an their private airliner The Starship, 1973.

The Beatles

There are many band’s growing up in the 60s worth a mention but for the greatest legacy has to be always the Beatles.Rock and roll was dying in 60s, on it’s death bed, And the Beatles have rejuvenated it with its catchy songs that helped the audience to heal traumas, move on in their life in many ways. Their songs are among the most recorded in history, with cover versions of “Yesterday” exceeding in the thousands. they were the best-selling band in history, with estimated sales of over 600 million records worldwide.They contributed not only to music but film, literature, art, and fashion as well and made a continuous impact on popular culture and the lifestyle of several generations.

The Beatles at the Cavern Club, 1962. Photography by Michael Ochs.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd who were the architects of two major music movements—psychedelic space-rock and blues-based progressive rock—and known for their biting political, social and emotional commentary became popular for being an English rock band first formed in London in 1965 . Even though it is less famous than bands like Beatles or Led Zeppelin ,it has achieved comparable commercial success and influenced generations.In 1973, The Dark Side of the Moon, managed to reflect the doubts and fears of a generation that had to cope with the loss of the ideals of the 1960s, and did it so effectively that it established Pink Floyd as one of the biggest, best-loved bands in rock & roll.

Pink Floyd as a 5 member band, 1968

There are other great rock bands like AC/DC,Alice In Chains,Mad season, Radiohead ,Soundgarden etc which has contributed to the world of music at a large extent.When the entire world became chaotic,they came up with a new hope of resurrection.

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

Article by Uddipana Chowdhury, The North-Eastern Chronicle


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