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Goalpara: Youth goes to meet girlfriend, found dead the day after

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On September 26, a young man named Mirazul Islam of Joypur village was found dead in Goalpara‘s Bahuwan region in an unfortunate incident after meeting his girlfriend a day before.

The whole incident

Mirazul Islam, according to reports, went to his lover’s house in the Thepkai region after receiving a call from his girlfriend to meet at her house. On Friday night, the girl invited the youngster to her home.

After that, the youth and one of his mates went to his girlfriend’s house. When they arrived at the location, Mirazul instructed his companion to wait outside the girl’s house while he went inside to see his girlfriend.

When his friend noticed Mirazul taking too long to come out of the house, he went to his house and notified his family about the incident.

When no word regarding Mirazul’s homecoming arrived, a ruckus erupted in his home. The family members then went on the lookout for their kid, but they were unsuccessful. After discovering no trace of Mirazul, his family proceeded to the police station to file a missing person report.

The heinous crime

Locals discovered a dead body in the backyard of Mirazul’s girlfriend’s house on Sunday. Locals promptly alert the police, who arrive at the scene with the victim’s family members. Mirazul’s relatives identify his body and then transport it for post mortem.

Meanwhile, seven persons have been arrested in connection with Mirazul’s murder.

An inquiry is still underway to determine the main motive for this horrible crime.

Another such incident

On August 21, a student enrolled in a three-year degree program at Moridhal College in Northern Assam’s Dhemaji district was macheted by the non-teaching staff of the college. The attack also injured one of her friends and her (friend’s) father.

The woman was taken to a private hospital in Dibrugarh in a severe condition and scrambled to death. On the day of the incident, the accused was arrested by the police.

The state government has ordered Special Director General of Police GP Singh to investigate the case as soon as possible so that the perpetrator receives exemplary punishment.

When word of the girl’s death emerged on social media, many were outraged. Some called for the accused to be executed.

“Anguished to learn about the demise of Nandita Saikia who was undergoing treatment after a heinous attack on her. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. In this hour of grief, I stand in solidarity with her family members,” the state’s Agriculture Minister Atul Bora tweeted.

Rajya Sabha member Ajit Kumar Bhuyan wrote: “I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of Nandita Saikia…Anguished by the act of the perpetrator; urge the administration to take necessary steps to provide exemplary punishment to the accused.”

The death of the victim, according to actress Aimee Baruah, was “heartbreaking.”

“It is my earnest appeal to the police and the judiciary to ensure swift, strict, and exemplary punishment for this criminal,” she said.

However, the culprit in the brutal killing was shot by police while reportedly attempting to flee police custody, according to officials.

“One accused of killing a girl of Moridhal College, Dhemaji tried to snatch a police weapon this evening and escape custody. He was injured in police firing in self-defense and to prevent his escape,” special director general of police (DGP), GP Singh, tweeted

“He was released from judicial custody on Saturday and sent to police remand. When we were taking him for routine medical examination around 10 pm when he asked for the vehicle to be stopped as he needed to urinate. When he got down, Rintu tried to snatch the weapon of the constable who was accompanying him and tried to flee. He was injured when the police team fired to prevent his escape,” he said.

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