Thursday, June 30, 2022

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After the India-Pakistan match, Kashmiri students were allegedly attacked in Punjab colleges

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Following Pakistan’s victory over India in the present ICC T-20 World Cup on Sunday night, several Kashmiri students were allegedly attacked at two educational institutes in Punjab.

Students from Punjab’s Sangrur district’s Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology tweeted videos of the “assault” from inside their hostel after the match.

Similar allegations came in from Kharar’s Rayat Bahrat University” students who were assaulted in Sangrur and Kharar Mohali told me that locals and other Panjabi students rescued them.

Nasir Khuehami, the national spokesperson for the J&K Students Association, alleged that students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana barged into their dormitories, battered them, and went on a rampage.

The events depicted in the video

One of the students accused the security officer in a video from Sangrur College of enabling a gang of UP students to enter their rooms and assaulted them.

Punjab Police officers arrived at the institution afterwards and interacted with the Kashmiri students.

“There are roughly 90 Kashmiri students and around 30 students from UP and Bihar in the campus,” a senior Sangrur police official said. The hostel has two wings, one for Kashmiri students and the other for non-Kashmiri students.

When Pakistan scored runs throughout the match, the students cheered. They chanted azadi slogans as well.”

“After the match concluded, students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar went inside the rooms of Kashmiri students and fought with them,” he continued. Later, Kashmiri students clashed with students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Overnight, the police and college administrators were able to calm things down.”

Both parties expressed regret

“Both sides have made their apologies in front of the police and college authorities today morning,” Swapan Sharma, SSP Sangrur district, stated. The matter has been resolved.”

At least four students were allegedly harassed and abused in Kharar Mohali following the India-Pakistan match, according to sources. “All of the students are Rayat Bahrat University students.” They claimed they were attacked by several Haryana goons,” Khuehami stated.

No security for Kashmiri students, claimed

“Punjab Police must secure the safety of Kashmiri students studying in Punjab,” he added. I chatted with a number of people at Bhai Gurdass Engineering and Technology College. 

They told me that Bihar students had assaulted them, vandalised their apartments, vandalised the hall, and harassed and beaten up a few others.”

“Such incidents have increased the sense of insecurity and anxiety among Kashmiri youth studying and working outside as well as among their parents and relatives in Kashmir,” Khuehami said on Twitter, tagging Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi.

 We demand that all individuals implicated in the assault on Kashmiri students be arrested immediately, and that suitable arrangements be made for our students’ safety and security. 

The goons’ attack on Kashmiri students is a source of concern for the pupils, ” mentioned in the tweet by Khuehami.



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