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World Kindness Day: A Step Towards Greater Humanity

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World Kindness Day“, is an international holiday celebrated in numerous nations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, and India, among others.

A little goodwill goes a long way, and today is a terrific day to demonstrate it. An annual celebration of good deeds and the power of generosity is observed every year on November 13th.

The day is dedicated to the power and potential of tiny and great acts of kindness and the best way to commemorate it is to perform one.

When did World Kindness Day first started?

In 1998, the first World Kindness Day was observed. The World Kindness Movement, a non-profit organization founded in 1997, designed it.

According to its goal statement, the movement strives to “inspire individuals to greater kindness by linking nations to build a kinder world.”
The opportunity to ponder on one of the most significant and unifying human ideals is provided by the day.

Try to promote and disseminate this vital trait that brings people of all kinds together on a day dedicated to the good potential of both great and small acts of kindness.

How is it celebrated?

The day has gained correct global recognition since its inception more than two decades ago, with events related to it attracting participants from every inhabited continent. Concerts, dance mobs, and the distribution of “kindness cards” have been among the events.

World Kindness Day can be observed by anyone anywhere on the planet, however, it is more often observed in countries that support the World Kindness Movement. The UAE, UK, France, China, Oman, Canada, and India are among the 27 countries that have joined on as members.

There are numerous ways to make a difference, whether it’s offering a meaningful present to a loved one, assisting a neighbor in need, or helping someone in need buy their groceries. Complimenting someone and making them feel special is also a way you can make this day meaningful.

Kindness is never wasted. It starts the most powerful and beautiful change in human lives. It gives hope, happiness, and a will to fight through their struggle.

Finally, and most importantly, be kind to ‘yourself.’ Keep your health in check and you’ll be OK. Many people will criticize and put you down, but always remember that you are doing your best. give yourself credit for how far you have come.

One random act of kindness

Compliment others. Make eye contact with strangers and smile. Hold a door open for someone. On a packed train or bus, give up your seat. See what happens if you perform at least three random acts of kindness!

Kindness and connection are inextricably linked. Today, take a few extra minutes to hug your family and friends. They may be perplexed as to what has possessed you, but they will enjoy it anyway!

Send the message to a friend whom you haven’t chatted with in a while or treat your long-distance friend with a surprise pizza!

Plant a tree! Say thank you to the earth by planting a few saplings.

Give thank-you notes to your colleagues for holding you back in need. Ask that chai wala bhaiyya to have a cup of tea with you!

Do whatever makes you happy and Be the reason, someone smiles!

Celebrate and promote good deeds and pledge acts of kindness to make the world a better place for it has been through a lot in the past couple of years.

For it is said, “one random act of kindness can change the whole world! – Morgan Freeman”



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