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Once United Now Divided? Fresh Case Of Assam-Mizoram Border Violence Is Heart Wrenching

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The two sisters of India, a part of northeast India are undergoing a series of attacks and disputes among naming it to be ‘Assam-Mizoram dispute’. The North-Eastern region originally constituted the states of Assam, Manipur, and Tripura, however, states like Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Mizoram were inscribed out of Greater Assam. In the initial days, differences in culture and identity combined leading to a conflict among the various communities and tribes. The ‘balkanization of Assam and thereafter led to the formation of three major states that is Nagaland (1963), Meghalaya and Mizoram(1972). 

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History of Mizoram

The history of the formation of the state of Mizoram is shrouded in mystery and conflict. As talks of independence were floating around, Mizo Union submitted a resolution to the Bordoloi Sub-committee, formed to listen to all tribal affairs, demanding inclusion of all Mizo inhabited areas adjacent to Lushai Hills. While another party demanded Lushai Hills join Burma after Independence.

Amid the dispute following the great famine in Mizoram, a.k.a Mautam famine, a new party formed, the Mizoram National Front (MNF), that took to violence towards establishing a sovereign land for Greater Mizoram.

What followed was much violence between the Centre and MNF until finally, both understood the futility of the fight. The Centre realized that the dispute had gone on for too long, while MNF realized that life would be much better as respectable Indian Citizens. Thus, under all norms, the formalization of Mizoram State took place on 20th February 1987.

The conflict between the two northeastern states is not new and dates very long back. But fresh disputes started last year which is again continuing to date. On July 11, 2021, two grenade explosions jolted Dholakhal in Assam’s Cachar district. This latest clash of the Assam- Mizoram dispute now strengthened the instability and insecurity among the two states especially the border villages. The conflict along the inter-state border heightened in June when Assam police allegedly seized Aitlang hnar about 5 km from near-border village Vairengte in Mizoram.

Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Northeast India

Recently visited Union Home Minister Amit Shah in a meeting held in Meghalaya comprising all the Chief Ministers of Northeast asked to resolve the issue of the states as soon as possible. But the matter took an U- turn just after he departed from the region when on Monday, attacks occurred on the border of Assam-Mizoram.

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Allegedly six Assam Police personnel were killed and dozens of people injured. Thousands of civilians on either side of the border threw up stones and charged at each other and security personnel with sticks and rods. Visuals showed policemen firing tear-gas shells and air pellets as people torched vehicles and huts.


Twitter Game Begins

Now, this led the two CM’s blaming each other on Twitter with even #AssamShot first trending on Twitter as Mizoram stated Assam miscreants to attack first. Both the CM’s urged Amit Shah to intervene again. After which Amit Shah responded by resolving the matter with mutual understanding.

“I am deeply pained to inform that six brave jawans of Assam Police have sacrificed their lives while defending the constitutional boundary of our state at the Assam-Mizoram border. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families,” Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted.

The tweet game is continuing with Zoramthanga tweeting, “Shri Amit Shah Ji….kindly look into the matter,”, “This needs to be stopped right now.” After which about an hour later Sarma again tweeted, “How can we run [the] government in such circumstances?”. Also, the Home Minister of Mizoram Pu Lalchamliana released a press statement on the Mizoram-Assam border statement.

Hightime to see the bigger picture

kargil diwas

But whatsoever the reason is, the two Northeastern states should soon come into a mutual understanding and resolve the issue as it will negatively affect the centre and might let the people of the two states become rivals forever and can also affect the harmony of North-East India. When on one side India is celebrating Kargil Vijay Diwas, on the same day two sisters of North-East India is facing a dangerous border conflict. No matter who wins or who loses, we will fail as a nation if we do not come on common grounds and resolve the dispute organically. Hope peace prevails soon.


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