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Lion emerges from a public toilet; Watch what happens next

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During a jungle safari, numerous animals and birds can be seen in their natural habitat. However, it’s not every day that you witness the king of the jungle emerge from a public restroom.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of the animals were toilet trained and could do their business in a designated area? At the very least, we know it isn’t conceivable for wild creatures.

That’s why a video of a lion emerging from a public restroom has gone viral so quickly. It’s possible that the video will leave you speechless.

What was shown in the video?

A landscape filmed from a moving car is shown in the recording. A lion can be seen getting out of a public bathroom as the automobile approaches.

Several surprised gasps can be heard in the background, most likely from those inside the safari car.

A Twitter user named WildLense Eco Foundation shared the video in an attempt to warn people to be cautious when using public restrooms because “others” could be using them as well. “Loo is not always safe…,” read the caption that accompanied the video. It can also be used by others.”

Viral video

The video has over 13,700 views and a lot of loves on social media. While many people were taken a back by the strange appearance of an animal in a public washroom, others stated that they would never use a public toilet during a jungle tour.

The large cat was seen taking its time to pause, look about, and go out of the restroom, investigating its surroundings as it did so. It saunters back into the jungle, slowly.

Susanta Nanda, IFS, who was also tagged by the foundation, remarked on the video that the lion was most likely trying to keep its surroundings clean.

Netizens have gone crazy about the bizarre incidence after the video was uploaded online. Many people were taken aback by it, while others laughed along with the WildLense Eco Foundation.

More amusing tweets followed, with one user even hoping to teach his son how to use the restroom as well as the lion. ”I also need the phone number of the individual who will train my son,” he added.

Tweets and comments

“The king inspects the lavatory to see if it is clean or not,” a lady explains.

“How did the lioness end up in the toilet? Taking a leak or drinking from the commode after the Swacch Bharat Mission?” a man has mentioned

Another viral video shows five lions attracted by the movement of a crab. Watch

What can you expect from five lions and one crab? A fight to the death, with the crab fleeing for its life? In this case, however, that is not the case.

Although lions are associated with danger, a four-inch crab has captured the attention of a lion’s pride in a video that has gone popular on social media.

Rangers Ruggiero Barreto and Robyn Sewell of the MalaMala Private Game Reserve filmed the video.

In the 2-minute-and-36-second video, a lion notices a crab wandering on the sand and becomes very interested.

After a while, more lions join the watch party and begin to take note of the small feisty crab as it tries to flee the predators.

“This is the incredible moment a pride of lions came claw-to-claw in the wild with a feisty four-inch CRAB (sic),” said the commentary with the video posted to the Latest Sightings YouTube website. On YouTube, the video has 84,136 views.

The video of the crab surrounded by scary predators has garnered a lot of attention on the internet.

A comment said, “They remind me of my cats when they see a bug (sic).” “WONDERFUL footage! Another comment said, “WELL DONE fellas (sic).”



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