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Guwahati Traffic Police Advisory Issues Guidelines Ahead Of Durga Puja

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The Guwahati Traffic Police have issued traffic advice in advance of Durga Puja in the city to guarantee public safety.

Rules and regulations in Guwahati

From October 12 to October 17, 2021, no commercial goods-carrying vehicles with six wheels or more will be permitted to travel on NH-37 and NH-27 in the Guwahati Metropolitan city from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

From 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. on October 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, 2021, only three and four-wheel LMV goods carrying vehicles will be permitted to enter the city.

No Entry zones

Dispur PS Area: From Ganesh Mandir to Ganeshguri Flyover, Dr. RP Road will be one-way. 

Vehicles traveling from Zoo Road to Ganesh Mandir in Dispur would be denied entry. 

There is no entry from the (Ganeshguri) full sale market to Ganeshguri via the Service road. 

From the wholesale market side, the Sankerdev trail will be one way to the RP road (Ganesh Mandir side)

Basistha PS area: Except for residents’ vehicles, there is no access from Jayanagar chariali to Beltola Tiniali. From Beltola Tiniali to Jaynagar Chariali, it will be a one-way street. 

From Beltola Tiniali to Bhetapara Chariali, the Bishnu Rabha Path will be one way. 

From Beltola tiniali to Basistha Chariali, there is no entry to Dr. BN Saikia road. 

From the AG office side, a one-way lane will lead to Saurav Nagar and Tripura Goli. From the Tripura Goli and Saurav Nagar sides, no vehicles should be allowed to enter. 

Vehicle parking is permitted on one side of the Tripura goli. 

Only residents’ vehicles are allowed to travel from Basistha Chariali to Beltola Tiniali.

Bharalumukh PS area: No entry from Fatasil Chariali, Railway Gate No. 6,7,8, and from Sati Jaymati road towards Kumarpara Panchali.

No entry from Chabipool towards Bishnupur and Fatasil Chariali.

No entry from RK Choudhury road to KRC road.

Parking of vehicles shall not be allowed on AT Road (Athgaon flyover to Bharalumukh) and Dinesh Goswami Road (Between Bharalumukh to Shantipur).

One-way movement of vehicles will be allowed from Fatasil Chariali to Chabipool.

No entry of vehicles from Sluice gate towards Pragjyotish college on JP Agarwala road.

No entry of vehicles from Bishnupur bridge towards Cycle factory side.

No entry of vehicles from Haryana Bhawan towards Kumarpara Panchali.

Guwahati Traffic Police Advisory

Jalukbari PS area: There is no entry from Maligaon Chariali to Pandu. The Pandu port road connects Adabari Tiniali with Maligaon Chariali. 

Vehicles will not be allowed to cross the PNGB road railway crossing from the Gosala side and will be diverted to the Maligaon 3rd gate side. 

All vehicles from Kamakhya Railway Station and the Gotanagar area must pass via Railway Gate No. 3 and the Railway Headquarters. 

Except for emergency vehicles, no one will be allowed to enter the freshly completed Kamakhya Temple ghat road from Pandu Cabin or Kamakhya Mandir side (near ASTC stopping).

Panbazar PS area: There is no entry from the Sani Mandir side of MS Road to Gate No 4. Vehicles will be allowed to enter from Railway Gate No. 4 in the direction of Shanimandir. 

On Dr. JC Das Road, no vehicles are allowed to enter from MG road towards Khubchand point (Phulgali). 

Vehicles traveling from Commissioner Point to GNB Road will be rerouted to GNB Road through College Hostel Road.

Chandmari PS/Geetanagar PS area: Vehicles would not be permitted to travel from Anuradha to Hatigarh Chariali. 

Vehicles will only be permitted to enter through Hatigarh Chariali.

Noonmati PS area: There is no entry by SBI Gali from Bandana Point to the Refinery Gate.



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