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Atrangi Re trailer released, Sara Ali Khan desires both Akshay Kumar and Dhanush as lovers in it

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The trailer for Atrangi Re, starring Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Dhanush, was released on Wednesday afternoon, and the film is delivered with a generous dosage of magical realism.

Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, and Dhanush star in Aanand L Rai’s forthcoming film, Atrangi Re, which will premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on December 24.

Rinku, Sara’s character, is torn between two worlds: her current reality and the one she inhabited millennia ago.

The filmmaker, on the other hand, argues that Atrangi Re is far more than what we see in the teaser.

Atrangi Re1

Both Sara Ali khan and Dhanush to star in Atrangi Re, alongside Akshay Kumar

Earlier, Akshay revealed the first glimpses of Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush, and himself as characters in the upcoming film. Here, all three characters are given a big entrance.

Sara is particularly stunning because she is developing as an actor. She expresses the ambitions and ambitions of her gender, who balance life, home, and love on a daily basis, as she asks if a woman can have it all.

Atrangi Re reintroduces Dhanush, who is adored in Bollywood. His delivery has a sincerity and humanity about it that you will remember.

Akshay Kumar plays a peculiar guy who rides an elephant in the opening shot, performs a magic show with fire, and then gives a sermon from the Bible.

Film to be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar

A lot of people agree the film would have been amazing in theatres, but it will instead be available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

It’s also great to hear Tamil words spoken by a Tamil actor in the film, demonstrating that the filmmaker is concerned about representation.

While the film’s exact nature is unknown, it is evident that it is a ‘atrangi’ (abnormal/extraordinary) love storey with persons with “pure souls,” as the filmmaker claims.

Filmmaker Aanand L Rai discusses cast’s age disparity in recent interview

The actor Akshay Kumar, released the motion posters on social media, offering fans a look inside the colourful universe of the three characters. Sara will portray Rinku, and Dhanush will play Vishu.

In a recent interview with Mid-Day, filmmaker Aanand L Rai discussed the cast’s age disparity.

The age gap between Sara (26), and the two male actors, Akshay (54) and Dhanush (54) has been condemned from all sides since the film’s cast was announced (38).

Rai Stresses that all that is required of the audience is patience

“Atrangi means funnily weird. If a filmmaker shows patience in making a film, it’s his small expectation that people wait and understand the reason behind such a cast. We have a habit of judging people. I want people to watch the film for two hours, and react to it thereafter,”

He explained that his choice to go with an OTT release was based on the fact that his original plan was to use the internet to distribute the film, to “reach maximum people. I would’ve loved to have the film play on a bigger screen, but the deal was done, and we cannot backtrack on it. I am not heartbroken about it.”

Sara speaks about working with the two actors

Sara addressed to earlier this year about working with Akshay and Dhanush in Atrangi Re, “Akshay sir is one of the biggest stars in our country today, even then he is such a humble and fun loving person who gets such joyful energy on set.

I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him. Dhanush is an institution, a National Award-winning actor. There was a running joke on set where I used to call Dhanush ‘thalaiva’ and I used to call Akshay sir ‘thalaiva of the north’.

It was just between these two thalaivas that I have tried to do some work and I hope all of our combined effort is appreciated.”



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