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YouTube Vanced- 5 Features that will be missed after shut down forever

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YouTube Vanced apk app is a modified version of the Official YouTube that allows one to watch their favourite videos without ads. This app also has several additional features not found on the Official YouTube.

Unfortunately, following a cease-and-desist letter from Google, the developers of YouTube Vanced — an unofficial feature-rich YouTube app for Android — announced earlier this month that the project would be shut down permanently. 

However, existing initials will continue to work until YouTube changes its API, which is almost certainly only a matter of time. 

YouTube Vanced didn’t just block pre-roll video ads or enable YouTube Premium features like background playback, contrary to popular belief. Vanced greatly improved the overall usability of the platform, even as a long-time YouTube Premium subscriber.

However, now that the app is destined for oblivion, one preparing for the adjustment period that returning to the official app will entail. 

To that end, some compiled list of the 5 YouTube Vanced features are listed that one will miss the most.

5 YouTube Vanced features People will miss the most:

1. Granular resolution preferences- The YouTube app currently allows you to choose between three video quality settings: Auto, Higher picture quality, or Data saver. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, most people prefer a 1080p stream. 


The app’s definition of “higher picture quality” almost always translates to a 480p minimum. That’s odd, given that YouTube no longer considers 720p to be HD on its own platform.

YouTube Vanced has a much better selection — simply choose your default resolution, which ranges from 144p to 2160p granularity. If you usually watch videos at 1.5x or 2x speed, you can even set a preferred video speed.

You can also disable YouTube’s new resolution picker UI with the app. A person may never have to use a menu with Vanced. Even if one does, its preferred resolution is just one more tap away.

2. Restored video dislike counts- Late last year, YouTube removed the dislike counter from public view, as you may have heard. The move, according to the company, is intended to encourage meaningful dialogue between creators and their audiences. Many users, on the other hand, relied on this counter as a quick indicator of video quality and technical accuracy. High dislike ratios, for example, in the education and DIY niches can serve as an early warning sign of potential misinformation or even outright dangerous advice.


Fortunately, thanks to its collaboration with Return YouTube Dislike (RYD), Vanced was able to quickly restore the dislike count. RYD is a browser extension that uses pre-2022 data and “extrapolated extension user behaviour” to restore dislike counts on YouTube in its original form. Of course, the data isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough for the aforementioned application.

3. True dark theme and user interface tweaks- While a simple black theme may not appear to be much of a feature, it was one of YouTube Vanced’s early selling points. When Vanced was first released, YouTube didn’t even have a dark theme.


Even when Google introduced a dark mode with Android 10 in 2018, it chose a dark grey rather than a true black. The latter simply looks better and has a useful side effect: reduced battery consumption on AMOLED displays, as Google acknowledges.

4. Gesture controls- While gesture control is just one of YouTube Vanced’s many interface features, it deserves its own section. Simply put, you can use swipe gestures to adjust brightness and volume levels.


The brightness is controlled by the left side, while the volume is controlled by the right side. You can also set a minimum swipe threshold in the YouTube Vanced settings menu to prevent accidental adjustments.

This feature has been available in third-party video player apps like VLC for years, so it’s surprising that YouTube hasn’t implemented it yet.

5. SponsorBlock- In a nutshell, SponsorBlock lets you skip in-ad sponsor segments, previews, end credits, and other similar sections automatically. However, once you start using it, you’ll find it difficult to ignore the time you’ll save. The feature can remove several minutes of filler content on average. Over the course of a few months, this can quickly add up to several hours.


While such functionality will never be added to YouTube’s app, it is a feature that has attracted many users to Vanced. Fortunately, the open-source community has already forked NewPipe, a popular YouTube app, to add SponsorBlock support. 



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